Save the tigers and be rewarded with WILDIES

Wildies is an ultra select club where our various members can have many benefits such as going on live virtual and physical safaris, growing, having fun while making an impact by saving and protecting wild animals through the purchase of an NFT. 

It is a deep project dedicated to amplify the claims of animals in the process of extinction. So don’t wait and help us.

About collection

How can a community remotely impact the preservation of nature


Buying our NFT will be as rewarding as volunteering toward nature preservation.


Become educated about the issues of extinction and its consequences and understand how to fight it. Observe the missions of the rangers and spread this knowledge to raise awareness.

Perks and advantages

Obtain exclusive access to exciting perks and advantages, by following our Discord announcements.

Wildlife protection

Donate 20 % of all our benefits will be attributed by Smart Contract to a concrete project helping endangered species

About collection

Enter the Wildies experience with the first collection: Sweet
Tiger Cub

WILDIES is a group of wildlife lovers who want to financially help protect and raise awareness of animals facing extinction. Our project relies on a desire to impact the preservation of most wild endangered species. This brand new NFT collection will be the milestone of many future projects. Get on board to have access to the most exclusive content about the lives and secrets of endangered animals with WILDIES.


10 separate NFT collections planned to save as many animals as possible

Sweet Tiger Cub

Expelled from its natural habitat devastated by deforestation, Sweet Tiger Cub explores the world in search of safe space and never misses an opportunity to speak out for his kind. You may spot him with a tuxedo in Venice or lobbying at the United Nations.

Fierce Rhino

Hunted for its horn, because of its fantasized virtues, Fierce Rhino has decided to strike back with the poachers’ strange weaponry.

Sans titre-1_0000_WhatsApp Image 2022-10-16 at 11.12.35

Naughty Lemur

95% of lemurs are on the verge of extinction. Naughty Lemur has decided to survive by showing off to make you like them or by playing tricks on fate.

Sans titre-1_0001_WhatsApp Image 2022-10-16 at 11.12.36

Innocent Pangolin

Wrongly accused during the pandemic, Innocent Pangolin, the most poached animal on earth, has decided to defend his honor…but recommends that you stop eating him.

Buying our NFT will be rewarding as a volunteering action toward nature preservation art collections

WILDIES is a group of wildlife lovers who wants to fincancially help projects and develop awareness facing extinction

Wildies at home

What is a virtual safari?  It’s a unique and rare chance to have an incredible live experience with the best known rangers in the business who will show you the nature and the animals as if you were there and all this from your home. The safari is entirely adapted to you according to your desires and your requests, it is tailor-made. With an NFT you will have the special opportunity to view a multitude of virtual safaris.

Our team

Our company was founded in 2020. We work tirelessly to become better, and we are ready to share our best practices.

The artists

Hougan Squad

is a portrait photographer who has travelled to 65 countries to find powerful souls who can stab you with their look.

Pangolin Bodyguard

is a nature lover photographer who lived in Southern Africa. His motto is "If There is no Planet B, lets immortalize Planet A"

Catherine Clement

Philosopher and novelist, she traveled in India for nearly 40 years. Her watercolors bear witness to the jewels of the subcontinent.

Maïa Purusha

is an artist based in Paris

Supuni Suriyaarachchi

is an artist based in Sri Lanka. In her free time, she loves nature. She draws the cutest cubs ever.

Ulin Luha

is a multitask graphic designer from Bojonegoro, Indonesia.

The craftsmen

Wildies Amazing Leader

Fiammetta Venner is a political scientist and a data scientist who has written a couple of books and co-directed documentaries. One of them is on Peace Parks about the wonderful dream of opening borders to let herds follow their journey.


Wildies marketing squad

Tailored solutions, in-house products, Bary unlock the full potential of growing businesses through the integration of WEB3

Expert digital

Digital marketing agency in charge of creating the landing page. An innovative and interesting project on the protection of animals.

Julie Jacob

Ambassador of WILDIES since day one. Thanks to her interest in new technologies, she works within the framework of her profession as a lawyer, to reconcile innovation with the law. In this way, she enables the democratisation of NFT and Metaverses for her clients.



Embark on a life-long adventure with a real purpose

First Step
Our first step will be the reveal of the design of the first WILDIES collection: Sweet Tigers Cub. In addition, we will launch our private Discord channel in order for our community to stay up-to-date on the progress of the project.
Our team will make sure to reward our community with airdrops of unique art of wildlife, created by our photographers in the form of NFT images and videos.
Interview a Ranger
Our members will have the chance to win an incredible experience: A 25 minute talk with a Grass Root Ranger directly from the field, in order to become knowledgeable about their mission and how to raise awareness.
Live Game drive and Metaverse Experience
Our community will have the opportunity to access our Live Game Drive Safari, as well as have exclusive entry into our metaverse experience, which will allow observation of the areas protected by our Rangers.
Exclusive Content of the Craziest places ever
We will organize raffles for our community to win some of the 50 recordings of the craziest places of the savannah, for them to become better educated on the subject, and to enjoy the views!
Day Safari expedition
The most active members will have the incredible opportunity of gaining access to a 2-Day Safari which will give them the chance to observe IRL members of the WILDIES Protected Family, along with receiving more education and information about the project.
Travel-oriented benefits
Diamond Wildies Holders will have access to a huge range of enhanced travelling benefits. Discounts with our partners Lodges. Easy access to private rangers. Travel Drops.
Give birth to a film
Become a patron of an action Movie about endangered specie. Get access to exclusive content and day to day preparation.
Film shooting
Want to attend a film shoot in Southern Africa? This is the most interesting perk we want to give our community. Stay tuned, keep informed, and participate in our raffle for this exciting activity.
Whitelist for the next collection
Finally, all these advantages wouldn’t have a real purpose if it wasn’t to continue this wonderful mission. Our community will be able to get whitelisted for the second collection, along with being able to compete for future perks and projects!

Join the WILDIES team!

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Please make sure to connect with us on our Discord or social media to stay updated on when whitelist sales will begin and for any other announcements. Note that being whitelisted does not guarantee you will be able to purchase an NFT.

 Once we have your wallet address or email address, we'll take care of the rest. Thanks for your interest in our NFT project!